About Us

A Diamonds in the Rough performance is a special thing: three voices, unsupported by instruments, exploring an unusually wide variety of music: contemporary folk, jazz, and blues, American songbook classics, traditional ballads, Victorian parlor songs, English music-hall numbers – that’s why we call it “free-range a cappella.”

Rich vocals, compelling harmonies, and eclectic songs and sources all add up to an unforgettable experience when Jim Blake, Pamela Goddard, and Glenda Blake come together to make music.

The trio originally formed, twenty-some years ago, out of the vocal fireside and song circle tradition of the Morris dance community; since then we’ve sung together off and on in both trio and duo configurations. Jim and Glenda are siblings, and have sung together all their lives. When Glenda’s not around, Jim and Pamela have sung as a duo version of Diamonds in the Rough. All have active musical and creative lives outside of the trio, and each of us brings our own musical interests and strengths to the multi-hued repertoire of Diamonds in the Rough.





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