Binghamton Porchfest 2015 – first Fest was a BIG hit!

DITR at Binghamton Porchfest

A lovely audience for Diamonds in the Rough, at Binghamton Porchfest. (Photo thanks to Regina Losinger)

Wow. Binghamton, New York’s first-ever Porchfest yesterday, on the historic West Side of Binghamton, was a tremendous success. Facebook is buzzing overtime, and we’re part of that buzz, because we were part of that Porchfest. We were at 72 Riverside Drive, corner of Chestnut and Riverside. Our host was Tom Egan, and he was wonderful: sound man, helpful host, and MC — we felt so welcomed. And what a lovely audience! As at Ithaca’s Porchfest, they came and went at their own whims. But unlike our Ithaca venue, Tom and the Humane Society had set out seating — lawn chairs, porch furniture, folding chairs —  for those without their own, That made for a more stable and appreciative crowd. And did we feel appreciated!

Organizer Chris Bodnarczuk (editor and publisher of the terrific Triple Cities Carousel arts and culture newspaper) must have been a quivering wreck by the end, but before his presumed collapse into one or more of the after-parties, there he was on his bicycle, checking us out, then moving on to the next. And there was Joshua Ludski, promoter/designer/photographer extraordinaire — and all-around Binghamton booster — with his camera, and a table publicizing his co-production LUMA festival next week. (That promises to be, well, awesome — in the original sense of the word!) We were off the porch and the next group was on, by the time Josh came around, but our friend Regina got this nice photo of our performance.

Next up, we’re at Ithaca Porchfest! (Have to skip the Ellis Hollow Fair, alas, as one of us is out of town that weekend.)

A lovely afternoon at the Ellis Hollow Fair

EllisHollowWhat a nice time we had yesterday, singing, shopping, and hanging out at the Ellis Hollow Fair outside Ithaca. The sound system – ably manned by Michael – was wonderful, with a monitor and all, and we could be heard over the entire fairground as well as in the music tent. Lots of great reactions from the audience we could see, in the tent, and perfect weather… how could it have been better?

Next Sunday:
Sunday, September 15, 2013 – 1-2:00 p.m.
313 Utica St., Ithaca NY

Many porches, many bands and groups, in the Fall Creek neighborhood of Ithaca — so exciting to be a part of it this year! Festival runs 1-5:00 p.m.

Free Admission

Hope to see you there!

Diamonds in the Rough at “Bound for Glory”

We LOVED doing Bound for Glory.
Pamela describes it:
“Singing with Jim Blake and Glenda Blake on the Bound for Glory show… now, that was fun. Even with the high humidity, we had a (small but) dedicated audience and the singing felt really good. Thank you to all who listened in on the radio or on-line. We could feel your support. Now we’re ready to plan some more local gigs this summer.”

And many thanks as always to long-time BFG host Phil Shapiro, sound engineer Terry Kelleher, and all the volunteers who make Bound for Glory the glorious thing it is.

Bound for Glory, WVBR Cornell
Sun, Jun 23 at 8:30 PM – 11:00 PM
Bound for Glory: Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell
548 College Ave
Ithaca, NY 14850
Live sets at 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 at the Cafe at Anabel Taylor Hall on the Cornell campus… or, listen in on the radio or on the web at

Free admission, limited seating

Souvenir flyer DITR-BFG062313

See our CALENDAR page for details on upcoming gigs!